Withdrawing from PayPal to my Revolut card

Hi Irina,

It doesn’t seem to work anymore. I also tried withdrawing GBP, EUR and USD from PayPal into Revolut and it always converts it to EUR or RON, depending on selecting the Revolut account or card. PayPal is pretty messed up, here are my results:

From GBP to Revolut IBAN it converts to EUR
From GBP to Revolut Master Card it converts to RON
From GBP to ING RON IBAN it converts to EUR
From GBP to ING RON Visa Card it converts to RON

I think PayPal is rigged to always convert money on transfer so that they rip you off at the conversion rate. I decided to never withdraw PayPal and rather just spend the money I have there in same currency shopping. I understand now how Musk became a billionaire off of PayPal, the service is rigged heavily!

Oh and yes, I have my PayPal default currency set as GBP and the actual funds in PayPal that I try to withdraw is GBP also. So even if my source is GBP and destination is also GBP, PayPal just converts to EUR :confused:

What is the base currency of your Revolut account (the first one you had)?

You can write mail to PayPal or contact them via the phone to request debit card default currency change, eg my visa was recognized as UK card and PayPal offered me to exchange USD to GBP. I requested them to change my cards currency to USD so there is no exchange with PayPal nasty exchange rate. :slight_smile:

The first ever top-up I did on activation was with 50 RON.

Hey everyone,

Since I started the topic, here’s a reminder of how you can solve all your conversion issues: contact PayPal by phone (not by chat, not at all!) and tell them exactly what currency you’re withdrawing and what currency you’re looking forward to getting on your Revolut card. That’s it!

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Yes, that’s mostly the case. I am still amased that they accept revolut on paypal. Tho, waiting for revolut to become a bank

Ofc paypal accepts ibans, there is no issue with that

Whaaat? You can use TransferWise (Borderless) USD account, it is possible.

I have had issues withdrawing funds from my Paypal to my Revolut Card.

I have received the following email twice now:

Your bank has let us know that you can’t use your bank account ending in XXXX to fund PayPal payments. If you already have a card linked to your PayPal account, we’ll use it to fund your future payments.

“How to make future payments with PayPal”

If you don’t already have another bank or card linked to your PayPal account, you need to add one to fund your future payments. To link a card or bank, log in to your PayPal account
https://www.paypal.com/gb/?utm_source=unp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PPC000111&utm_unptid=ca80de56-ca3d-11e9-a29b-441ea1479d80&ppid=PPC000111&cnac=GB&rsta=en_GB&cust=88E6C798NTPSJ&unptid=ca80de56-ca3d-11e9-a29b-441ea1479d80&calc=e3001e2f60166&unp_tpcid=null&page=main%3Aemail%3APPC000111%3A%3A%3A&pgrp=main%3Aemail&e=cl&mchn=em&s=ci&mail=sys , go to ‘Profile’ and then click ‘My Money’.

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Any help would great!

Then tell me why I cannot add IBANs but only US based bank accounts. I have a Croatian PayPal.