Withdrawing from PayPal to my Revolut card

I’ve been reading a lot on this topic on the forum here, as well as in other places, not to mentioning contacting the support several times regarding this, but without getting a clear answer.

So, this is the idea:
I’ve linked my Revolut card to my PayPal account and everything seemed perfect. I’ve withdrawn a small amount on Sunday, to the Revolut card, and didn’t got anything in my account until now (2 days late), even though it says in PayPal that the transaction is completed.

I’ve withdrawn USD, which got converted to GBP, as a side note.

Revolut support told me that I will receive the money from PayPal, but as a refund from PayPal. This is definitely weird. It usually takes 3-5 days for this.

Therefore, I have two questions:

  1. Am I missing out something? What’s the best way to withdraw from PayPal to a Revolut card, if it’s not like I did?
  2. Is there some way to withdraw USD from PayPal and receive USD on Revolut, in order to avoid PayPal’s conversion fees? Thanks!

With regards to the PayPal conversion:
In the PayPal settings you can select whether PayPal should do a conversion or not.

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You have to contact paypal support to change your card denomination to USD

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I eventually contacted PayPal regarding this and asked them to send USD to my Revolut card, instead of GBP.

As for the time required to get my money from PayPal to Revolut, it took around 4 days and I received them as a refund. Again, pretty weird, but the idea is that it works. Finally!

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Hey did you withdraw money from paypal to your revolut mastercard or visa? And what is your residence country registered on paypal?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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It’s not that hard. You simply add your Revolut card into paypal and withdraw. It even works by adding your Revolut IBAN in PayPal.

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It’s not that simple either you know. These things depend on the residence country and the card brand…that is why i asked :wink:

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Currently, PayPal only supports withdrawals to VISA cards but fortunately Revolut supports VISA virtual cards and you can withdraw money from PayPal to them.

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As far as I know PayPal only supports bank accounts based in the US. You can’t add your IBAN to PayPal, since it does not even use IBANs…

I have similar situation - standard PayPal account. When I try to withdraw, it always does this in USD. I’ve added the virtual card from Revolut in PayPal and it’s recognized in GBP (I think due to the IBAN etc). I have tried with a small amount and it happens that:
PayPal - sends USD and transfers to GBP.
Revolut - I received GBP and they were transferred to EUR.

So my question is - how to not go through all these conversions and do a simple USD-USD or EUR-EUR withdraw?

PayPal supports bank accounts from outside the US. I have my ING and Revolut IBANs added in PayPal, aswell as both my plastic cards and I can withdraw without any issues. I live in Romania which is a EU member country without EUR currency. That’s why I said it’s very easy to use Revolut on PayPal but I understand if this is not the case for other people. I am actually surprised Romania is supported on both platforms, usually we are the last country where companies implement their services.

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Again - everyone - the idea is that you need to contact PayPal and ask them to change the currency in which you want to receive money on your Revolut.

Initially, I was withdrawing USD and receiving GBP but contacted them regarding this matter and now I get USD.

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Reading PayPal’s community, I found other people with the same problem doing the same thing (contacting the support to change that for them). I’ve send an e-mail to the PayPal support earlier today and still waiting - will update with the progress.

No no the rules are different in each country. e.g. in the UK you can only withdraw to bank account, where as where you are based only to VISA cards.

If giving advice or a statement regarding paypal please can people post where their paypal account is located (e.g. UK or USA etc). as the rules and work arounds for this problem are different

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I am from Croatia and I have two methods of withdrawal. To VISA card or to US bank account.

I have a Spanish Paypal account and they have told me repeatedly that I can’t withdraw to my Revolut card

I had a similar issue with Stripe and escalated it eventually they told me to try it with a small amount and if it failed it would be returned to my account .

Hopefully Revolut can do something to enable us to withdraw currency from European Paypal accounts

Response from paypal about getting USD balance out from a UK paypal account to a USD Revolut account.

Dear [name removed],

Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding adding a Revolut Pre Paid Bank account.

Please note that the 4 companies below (including others) are considered as intermediaries or currency aggregators – they are not registered as banks and they do not provide banking facilities.

Transfer Wise

Currencies Direct


World First Bank

For any US bank account to be added, we will need a bank statement from the issuing bank registered in the US showing the account number and routing number, along with the business name. If no bank statement is available, we can accept a letter from the bank confirming the details.

It’s been my pleasure to help you. If you have any further enquiries, please email business-support@paypal.co.uk or call us on 0800 368 7141, from 9am to 5.30pm GMT Monday to Friday.

Yours sincerely,
[name removed]

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Société en Commandite par Actions
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I have a UK PayPal account set up in £ and one in € which I setup by going to the ‘Español’ version of the PayPal site [link at the bottom of the homepage]. used my UK address for the Spanish PayPal account [same as my UK PayPal account] without issue.

I can withdraw £££s to my Revolut GBP account from my UK PayPal account and €€€s to my Revolut EUR account from my ‘Spanish’ PayPal account without any problems.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way, as yet, to get $$$ out of PayPal to Revolut, without having to pay currency conversion fees. This topic comes up regularly and Revolut make vague noises about USD accounts coming ‘some day’. But they never seem to arrive

I have a similar issue , i linked my physical Revolut card to my PayPal account , then i withdrew the money out is my PayPal to my Revolut card (euro if it matters ) .

How long do i have to wait before i see the money in my Revolut account ? On PayPal’s side the transfer appears completed .

Hi, Victor, I am also from Romania. Which currencies have you used to transfer money from Paypall to Revolut? I wanted to do a GBP-GBP transfer, and then to exchange with a better exchange rate on Revolut, but they transferred me EUR (I made a test with 2 GBP using Revolut IBAN)