Withdraw from the PAYPAL


I just need to withdraw USD to my REVOLUT USD account

The PP is telling me that the IBAN is not valid and that it should be consisted from the 24 letters which is not apparently a case of my Revolut´s account which is 22 letters long

I browsed through many threads but did not find any solution so Could I please ask for help

Thank you

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They are wrong. British IBANs contain 22 characters. (e.g. Polish IBANs contain 24 characters)
See this:

Hi @Krzstofka !

IBAN details found on your account are meeting banking standards across the world and I would suspect that there might be billing information mismatch between your Revolut account details and PayPal hence PayPal is asking for 24 digit IBAN.
For further guidance or troubleshooting, please give us a shout directly on chat.

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slightly related, I just successfully added my :r: UK business account to paypal as bank account (23-69-72 07xxxxxxxx) and according to PayPal the direct debit was setup correctly after crediting £0.01 through that mechanism.