Why Was My Revolut Business Application Rejected? 🤔

Welcome to our community @Imran. I am sorry that your business application got rejected. :frowning_face: I understand your concern.

Can you please check my reply above your question. Hope that would help you to get your clarification. :pray:

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Dear Revolut Support Team,

I am writing to request a review of my Revolut Business account application, which was recently denied. As a new company owner, I initially applied without all required documentation. Now that I have all necessary documents, I find myself unable to reapply due to a message stating activation is not possible.

I believe my business aligns with Revolut’s permitted categories and I am keen to resolve any issues that led to the denial. Could you please guide me through the process of having my application reviewed again?

I am ready to provide any additional information needed and look forward to your guidance on this matter.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,


Welcome to our community @Vinpo74 :wave:.

I completely understand you want to have a business account with us and we are grateful that you are choosing us for your account. :hugs: Kindly contact our support team so that they can help you with this. To know how to contact our support team, please check the solution mentioned in the topic. Hope that helps. :pray:

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Hi, I am facing the same problem. I added the account and everything was verified. Only the structure was missing being verified.

During the verification process of the business structure I got a Mail, that I cannot open an account with no reason. It is very weird as everything was verified and I just needed to request the certified structure of on of my shareholders. One of my shareholder is a trust and I provided the document of the beneficial owners and the directors. But this was not from a notar. So I wanted to get a verified with a Notar signature.

What can I do? I am a legitimate corporate in Austria.

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Welcome to our community @kkr :wave:. I am sorry to hear about your problem. :frowning_face: Kindly check my reply above your message. I hope it will help you to clarify your doubt. :blush:

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Hello, My application for sole trade account was rejected although I have provided everything they’ve asked for, any chance you can guide us on what specific documents is required. I am only a taxi driver who wanted to have a business sole trade account. thx

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@az000000000009, I am sorry to hear that your trade account was rejected. :frowning_face:

Can you please contact our team directly so that they can help you further? To understand what can we do in this situation, we need to check your details thoroughly. I have already mentioned the steps of how to contact us in the solution of this topic. Hope that helps. :pray:

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When we try to log in to contact your team I get the following message on the app. Plz find the attached thx, is there another way to get someone to get in touch with me please.



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@az000000000009, Please contact us by social media channels so that we can help you further. Link is mentioned here. :arrow_backward:

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Unfortunately you will not get the reason why you got rejected.