Why there is no Ukraine (+380) as a country in the List

I have now Ukrainian number with a code +380. I cannot find it in the Revolut’s list.

what to do?

thanks. and what to do?

sorry for the bad joke. you’ll need to report it to customer support

I just checked the FAQ and unfortunately the Ukraine is not on the list of supported countries


I am in Ukraine for a while. I am from Cyprus. I cannot log in neither with Cyprus tel number, nor with new Ukrainian number. As long as I cannot login, I cannot get helped. The app does not let me reach the “support” section

… and in the list of app, there are more then “26 supported” countries.

those are the countries you can send money to

do it through the social media team, on twitter or facebook

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yeah. But I have no such intention. I am physically in Ukraine. I spend here the money from Revolut account. Ok. Anyway. I will try reach Rita on Twitter ) thnx

… and I used my Ukrainian number before = in prior version of app there were UA code (+380)

the good thing is that there is code +0 for Antarctica there… but no Ukraine!

Use your Cyprus phone number, then ask in-app support for change it into Ukrainian one.

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Hi there. Were you able to change your phone number?

Hello, I have a similar problem - I cannot login to my Revolut account and I cannot event contact support, because I have Revolut account registered with +380 country code. What can I do about it to regain the access?