Why should one get Revoult and what is in your opinion the best use of a Revoult card


I am new to Revoult and still trying to understand the whole thing. I would love to hear from the community about their usage tips and why should a person with a normal bank account should prefer Revoult.
How can someone manage multiple currency accounts like a pro share your ideas please.
What are the best Revoult features you love and everyone should know about.


Hey there @Ali95 :slight_smile:

Why should you get :r:?

  • :money_mouth_face: ATM withdrawals up to €/$/£ 200 per month
  • :credit_card: Free card transactions
  • :iphone: Push notifications on your phone
  • :arrow_double_up: Plenty of top-up methods
  • :money_with_wings: Free FX up to €/$/£ 6000 per month

But also…

  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Best exchange rate in the market
  • :clock10: Exchange applied in the moment you make the transaction and not the moment it’s settled :clock10:
  • :euro: Ability to keep money in different currencies
  • :rescue_worker_helmet: Ability to insure your device
  • :moneybag: Cheap credit in the UK (and soon Spain, I hope, @AndreasK :heavy_heart_exclamation:)
  • :airplane: Overseas insurance is included for premium users

Why should you NOT get :r:?
Revolut has its downsides, which you should consider:

  • :skull_and_crossbones: Still a product in development. It works magnificently but it has some glitches (outages) from time to time
  • :no_entry_sign::telephone_receiver: Lack of phone support

What’s your opinion and, especially, your tips, @capital, @korolija, @c0stin, @Frank? :slight_smile:


Thanks @Juliopp I am trying to understand how can Revoult be good for me and your post is a good start
Deliberately didn’t ask for any criticism because it would become a complaints thread I feared! :joy::wink:


Hey again @ali95 :slight_smile:

However, I don’t find it fair to show you only the green side :green_apple::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It wouldn’t be fair nor realistic. Still :r: is the card/account I’ve been managing 99% of my (poor :cry:) finances with it without any major problem and I’m happy with it :blush::blue_heart:

You’ll only find critics in here because nobody makes the effort to look for this community if they are not in a “complaining urge”, don’t let that give you a wrong idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree, but I can find a lot of complaints and criticism all over the place here at this community so just wanted to see how people are actually using it to their advantage


Well, imagine why people come here in the fist place:

– Revolut posts the link to this community under the category “help/support”
– People have problems and post questions here a lot before searching this forum for resolutions to their problem.

This seems obvious, right? So a forum like this obviously paints a certain picture of a product from a certain perspective. The number of users that is interested in developing the product further and gives productive feedback is way lower. That is just how it is.


Hi @Frank very true hence desire to get some positive feedback because clearly a lot of people are using Revoult and benefits must outweigh negatives otherwise people will just leave :thinking:


Here we go. I use Revolut since 2015. I live in UK and Germany. It is perfect for this, I don’t need an old school UK current account at all. I also like to travel. I find Revolut a really good travel companion. But like with all cards: I would never travel with just one bank card. Revolut has more hiccups due to its nature as being set up on new technology that is stitched together at a fast pace. But relying on just one card abroad has always been risky and bad advice, in my opinion.

The feature of Revolut I like most is the speed of development. I consider their price structure more fair than others (put a price on things that are costly to make the basic product free for everyone). And unlike other challenger banks they were available for all EEA residents from the beginning.


Yup! We’re working on that :slight_smile:


@Juliopp & @Frank gave great points!

I’m using Revolut on daily basis and trips since 2015. And I could give only positive and positive feedback, most of the features that Revolut gives you and a lot of them are yet to come would be never offered by traditional bank. Just have this things done and you shouldn’t experience any bad situations.

  1. Verify your ID;
  2. Verify your top-up cards with bank statement.

And I promise you will have much better life than before!

Enjoy it, explore the features and feel free to ask us anything! :sunglasses:


Cheap Credit In the Netherlands as well?:grinning: