Why aren't you increasing vault interest rates!!

All other banks increase interest rates as boe increase the base rate
My tandem bank has gone up again to above 4%.yes there are higher ones now I know.

But revolut? 2.79 with the metal plan?
Get your act together! I don’t deposit any money into this pot.
Your loss!

Taking the biscuit especially after the laughable release of the ultra plan.

Even monzo free account offer 3.5% now

but your gain… you don’t have to use a :r: vault - the choice is yours as you have clearly shown.


Agree…was also wondering why they haven’t increased since last boe rise. I am looking to move money back to Chase if it doesnt increase soon

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Revolut, is not providing the savings accounts. Revolut provides access to savings accounts from third party banks on its app.

(That of course does not mean they can’t offer reals with higher interest rates. I just thought some of you might be interested to know this detail.)

Be glad that you get 2.79%. :slight_smile: Most European customers get ZERO. If you get a better offer use it! Maybe :r: will react when people withdraw their money. Instead they launch useless (for most users) products like Ultra Plan.


You get interest? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I get zero. None is available.

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In France, there are a number of interest bearing products which are also tax free. They also give you immediate access to your funds and are owned and backed by the French Government.
One such account is the Livret A which pays 3% from 1st February to 31st July 2023 with a ceiling of 22,950€ per person - although the amount in the account can rise above that limit with the addition of interest.
[This official publication] explains and the reason I chose this product (and other such products listed) for my excess cash.
Isn’t France wonderful!