Who receives the salary in 2 days in advance????

Is it just me who is NOT receiving the salary credit 2 days in advance?? I never got my salary in 2 days advance. My salary gets credited exactly at 06:30AM just one day early.

Does it matter? It only actually changes your time between salary once


First of all, if it doesn’t matter, I would not have posted here. Second, when you don’t have an answer, please let others reply. There is absolutely no need to answer to every post, even if it a question. Hope you don’t take it as personal.

Since, this early credit of direct deposit is one of the important marketing features, Revolut uses it to advertise prominently in their account features page.

To answer your question, it matters when the salary day comes after a weekend or holidays. You can get your salary some times 3 or 4 days in advance. So it actually changes not just once; but multiple times.


I just wanted to understand why it mattered, I didn’t think it would lapse weekends as here we don’t have that issue

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No worries. Most of the challenger banks here market this particular feature to woo the tech savvy customers from the main street banks.