Where is my money?!


I used Revolut to send money to Remitly for forex transfer. Unfortunately the transaction got cancelled because they said that the payment bank details are already used by someone, after research I understood that when transferring the money from Revolut, it uses Revolut details rather our details or our sortcode and account number assigned by Revolut tonus. Resultant the transaction got reversed back to Revolut. But now Revolut is saying they never got the money and blaming Remitly. I shared the refund confirmation with Revolut but they are unable to help, remitly even said that they are willing to have 3 way call but guess what there is no phone support in Revolut. I normally get refund in my normal banks in 1 day. But they have given the information that they have to Revolut and Revolut is not acknowledging it. Do not USE REVOLT TO RECIEIVE MONEY. Very very RISKY! YOUR MONEY COULD BE HANGING IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and eventually lost forever. THEY WILL HIDE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE INTEREST IN IT WHILE YOU HAVE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS ON YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. THEY REFUSE TO SHARE ANY CONTACT NUMBERS. THEY ONLY WANT TO CHAT? NONSENSE. DONT TRUST THEM. DONT INSTALL THEIR APP. THEY WILL CHEAT YOU.!


Revolut has an extensive FAQ and poss about their transfer methods. And they clearly state using of pooled accounts. Their website, blog and this forum is full of posts about how it actually works.

I guess remitly has in TC that they accept payments from account holders and not third parties.

Revolut is a regulated service, that means, nothing can suddenly disappear.

You said at the beginning that you transferred out from R and at the end complaining about incoming transfers (which uses always reference codes unless is a SEPA to your own EUR account)


Hi @harsh4ca.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through that. But please note that this transfer was reverted by Remitly to the wrong details, not the details of your Revolut account. You will have to notify them and make them aware of the mistake.


@JessicaZ this is not true, please check my chat with your support team, no one has clue where my money is… I have now given all details of sender iban etc.


@Iskender Hi, thanks for clarification. I sent money to Remitly and they refunded but Revolut cannot track a refund despite sharing all information ie Iban etc of the sender.


Apparently they sent it to the wrong recipient.

The question now is whether the funds are with Revolut or not. @JessicaZ?


@JessicaZ your banking partner are saying it take 20 days to trace the transaction… come on… what I am supposed to do… I need my money urgently.