When splitting bill..

I’ve realised when I go to restaurant, shop etc and I pay for two person and ask money back/split bill, then I can see it categorised as croceries, transport, travel etc but my friend who also uses a revolut sees it only as a payment to me(transfer) even if we both know that it was payment made in other country (not in the country I live) , and money for example was spent on food. So when there’s case of splitting bill would it be possible to see under the categories where it actually belongs. Also what I’ve found is that when I pay for someone else and split the bill then another person actually pays me the money back but it is also added to my top up limit. So it’s done two times first to his/her account and when I split the bill and he/she pays me the money back it is added to me again. (For example I add 100 euros to my account and pay restaurant bill, then I split it with my friend. 50/50.He adds 50 euros to his account and returns me 50 euros. No I have 150 euros used on my top up limit and he has 50 euros used on his yearly top up limit. I think this is not really right. I think it should be that I still have 100 euros used on my top up limit and he has 50 especially when we both use revolut. And with others I think it’s quite well verified from who I got the money and what was the reason behind this.


thank you very much for the insight!

I agree with @bishralkhallali.
Split bill does not work correct regarding categories and showing how much you have spent.
So until this is solved, categories and all graphs are showing wrong numbers.

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