What’s your funniest saving tip that actually works? 🤔

Hey Revolut Community,

We all love saving those hard-earned pennies, but, let’s admit it, sometimes it feels impossible. As a result, we may need to get creative to make it happen.

That’s right, it’s time to share your most creative money-saving tips that actually work! We’re talking about those ‘outside-the-box’ ideas that may seem strange to others, but keep your wallet happy. :money_mouth_face:

For example, you can always do a little ‘Penny Pincher Dance’ whenever you manage to hang onto some spare change. Doing a little dance can keep saving fun and remind us of the joy of adding to our funds, whether that amount is big or small. Plus, if anyone’s watching, it’ll give them a giggle too!

Now it’s your turn, fabulous Revoluters. Share your funniest, quirkiest, and most effective money-saving tips in the comments below. Let the savings — and money-saving grooves — begin! :dancer:

Veda | Community team


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