What is the situation with the MCC for topup?

Since gift cards are around forever, I don’t think it needed Revolut for this code but who knows. In fact, those sometimes mall branded Mastercards were the first time I’ve noticed cards named prepaid.

Some Canadians have been reloading Revolut using Koho, Mogo and Stack (I don’t have Mogo yet, else I’d use that one). I’ve been using one of the prepaids from the grocery till and fortunately it’s been working more often than not.

Topups with Monese card is working again. :+1:t3:

They switched back to Wire Transfer Money Orders (WTMOS).

Revolut changed the MCC again. Costed me a shit of fees.
Damn to Revolut for changing the MCC without information to the users.

They were probably forced to do it.

I was told in the chat, that revolut didnt change the MCC.
Still i know, that the top-ups in the meantime didnt cost me fees, but now i had to pay them again.
And since i did multiple top-ups it already costed me around 60 € for different top-ups.
Since i knew, it was already fixed before, i didn’t have a close look at this. I got shocked, when i looked at my credit card bill today.

So what’s the latest on this today? …Are people being charged fees?.. What MCC have people been getting?

As it was said quite some time ago, credit cards are not the prime tool to move cash around but to purchase services and goods.
Use other means to transfer money to Revolut. Many regions, especially EEA and Switzerland, support bank transfers, which are free of charge.
By using bank transfers from your own bank accounts you are also less likely to run into problems because of AML as it’s traceable, whereas credit card payments are not.

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It’s very simple: The option exists, people use it.

Auto top-up also works this way.
I don’t see anything wrong in using it.
It’s maybe the fastest way to top-up money.

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Yes true. But you should complain to the issuer of your card to get the fees back and not to Revolut. The MCC they have to use is not up to them to define but given by the rules of the brand’s.
True, it would be good to define in the service description what they have to use, that would help customers to decide what to use.
At least one issuer in Switzerland agreed and communicated that top-up to Revolut is still free, even if correctly defined as being in the money transfer category. Cembra Money Bank if it’s of interest. Swiss users might confirm if there are more.

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And thats the point.
It looks like, banks change the way on how to use the MCC without any information to the users.
This makes the users impossible to decide what to do.
And of course i wrote to my issuer too. Not only to Revolut.

Which MCC code is Visa and Mastercard using for Revolut today? Still 4829? or is it back to what it was. Want to top up using a credit card, but don’t want a cash advance fee!

Anyone had any experience today or yesterday?..

I asked Revolut in the chat for the MCC they use, but i didn’t get an answer to this for now.

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In earlier days, banks changed their fees based on their T&Cs totally independent from Revolut‘s MCCs. They learned about Revolut‘s business model, considered it a cash advance or money transfer service (which it obviously is) and charged their customers accordingly, only based on their terms. Some banks made this change independently from MCCs, only based on the actual nature of the service and in alignment with their T&Cs that allowed them this. This happened more than once in 2016.

The only way to be sure is by asking your issuer. They might or might not base it on MCC or Revolut as such.

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Yes, they’re using 4829.

It seems to be different from issuer to issuer on how top-ups are being handled. due to your information that MCC has changed again i tried it now with my platinum mastercard again and now there is no need for turning on cash-advance on my card and top up is working without fees. it still shows the cash-advance icon on the booking list, so the behaviour seems to be very individual.


Just to throw it out there - Revolut is a cash transaction and your credit card issuers most likely have terms and conditions allowing them to charge you for cash transactions. They’re not going to refund you or even feel bad about it.

You should really be using a debit card/purchasing directly with the credit card/transferring by bank. Credit cards weren’t meant for withdrawing cash. They weren’t meant for sending cash. They weren’t meant for point cycling. They were meant for buying things directly and spreading the cost (and because countries didn’t want people with debt for no reason) they became a way to gain extra protections, too.

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Last time (few days go) when I topped-up from VISA credit card MCC was 6012.