What is the situation with the MCC for topup?

I wonder when bank account details will be available for Canada. That would be the alternative way to top-up

No idea. We can deposit to Canadian bank accounts (although inputting the credentials isn’t super obvious), but can’t pull funds in. I’m ok with funding Revolut with prepaid cards, so I still prefer the status quo.

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Good point! I prefer using my Canada Post prepaid cards as well but transactions have been denied for top-ups since last week. I called them and they say money transfer is not permissible - although it used to work fine before.

Which prepaid cards do you use?

I still don’t understand how Googlepay is unaffected - can anyone confirm that a topup will be charged as a purchase and not CASH? Has anyone tested this?

Monese doesn’t let you to topup Revolut any more. :roll_eyes:

Here is the reason why:

They’ve changed the MCC again.

It was WTMOS in the past few weeks:

…and it was Merchandise and Services before that:

Can you explain this please?
It’s POI Funding Transaction now, if i get it right. But what does this mean?

source: https://www.mastercard.us/content/dam/mccom/global/documents/transaction-processing-rules.pdf

Monese is still using Merchandise and Services:



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MCC 6540 seems to be the most correct one to use. Perhaps invented especially for Revolut by Mastercard?

MCC 6540 purpose, MC Booklet, pp. 146–47.

- The loading of funds onto a stored value or prepaid card

To bad i dont see the MCC in my statement.

Since gift cards are around forever, I don’t think it needed Revolut for this code but who knows. In fact, those sometimes mall branded Mastercards were the first time I’ve noticed cards named prepaid.

Some Canadians have been reloading Revolut using Koho, Mogo and Stack (I don’t have Mogo yet, else I’d use that one). I’ve been using one of the prepaids from the grocery till and fortunately it’s been working more often than not.

Topups with Monese card is working again. :+1:t3: