What happens to transfers that exceed the topup limit?

Hey guys!
Can anyone help me? I transferred some money from my german account into my EUR Revolut account but the money never arrived.
The Amount is above my topup limit, but then the funds should have been refused or sent back ro something but not just disappeared .
I can increase the limit for further transfers, but what about the one that has been sent but never arrived?
The support only ever answers every few hours and is of no real help so far.
Do you know how I might be able to get some help on this?
Thanks guys!

Hey @julia1 :slight_smile:

The money will be on hold until you raise your limits. Due to a high level of demand, it might take a few hours to get an agent, but once you submit the required documents, your limits should be lifted within 3 days (which is not extremely fast, but…) :wink:


Hey @Juliopp!
thanks for the info!
What documents will be needed to lift the limit, can I prepare them in advance?
Where would I be able to see that the money is on hold? Because currently it is neither of my account and I am therefore losing out on interested I would have acquired.

Hey @julia1 :slight_smile:

To my best knowledge, if your transfer has arrived but was over your limit, it should appear on your app as pending. However, I’m not completely sure about this, so please, don’t trust me 100% on that. Perhaps @AndreasK can confirm what’s happening with your transfer (you can also send him a private message 24 hours after joining the community) :wink:

Anyway, the required documents might vary from case to case, but they’re usually a document proving the source of the funds. More info here:

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Hi there.

Regarding your pending transfer, please note that the pending transfer to your Revolut account will be automatically be assigned to your account, once you have increased your annual top up limits.

In order to increase your annual top-up limits, you’ll need to provide official documents showing the transactions that generated the funds used to top up your Revolut account, along with a copy of a bank statement showing the funds entering/leaving a personal bank account in your name.

You can find more info here: https://www.revolut.com/help/profile/i-want-to-increase-my-top-up-limit?lang=en

Hello Andreas,

within 24h i recieved the notice of the transfer being pending, this already helped calm my nerves a lot!
My issue is assigned to the relevant team but I haven’t heard back, i can provide the bank statement in the support chat?
What would be the top up limit after this verification? I am planning another transfer of a similar amount in the soon future.

Thanks for your fast response!

We can increase your limits based on your income.

Can you send the documents in the chat and let me know?

Thanks! The bank statement has been uploaded to the chat!

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Super. An agent will get back to you shortly.

I have precisely this issue - a fairly new user to Revolut (had the card for awhile, just starting trying it). Made a couple top-ups directly from my UK bank account, one a day, but now today I’ve made one that I assume exceeds the limit so even though it’s been debited from my bank account, isn’t showing in Revolut. And of course I’m receiving the message that live agents will be with me “in a few hours”…?

I’ve scoured the app but can’t find where the top-up limits are located? There is no “Pending” transaction indication, there was no notification of a limit being exceeded, the only way I was able to try and figure out that this is perhaps the issue was from a Google search…

Thing is, I was moving money because I NEED TO USE IT. So, my question is, if I attempt another top up matching the lower amount of an earlier top up that I know went through, will that one go through, and what happens to the missing one?

Banking and finance is all about confidence, and this experience along with the hundred of Google results on Revolut accomplishes the opposite of building anything resembling confidence.