What data do merchants need? Airports ZNZ & ADD did behave strangely.

Hi there!

Maybe one of you made the same experience that I recently did.

We were flying out of Zanzibar and had our stop-over in Addis. Both airports african and not too fancy. To be very honest, ZNZ was somehow sweet but a No Go. ADD is just annoying and/or gross.

However, in both I payed with my card in duty free shops. When in the first shop the cashier entered a lot of data (I think it was even the CVV) into a computer program I was puzzled but didn’t ask why. In the Addis shop it was 2$ for 2 Pepsi colas. Again, the cashier (besides boarding pass and passport) entered a lot of data. It was like I was buying online. Also, eventhough I paid with chip and pin she made me sign 2 reciepts. :man_shrugging:t3: I honestly had no interest in solving those issues I had – especially not in ADD – so I just killed the card.

Did you experience that as well anywhere? :face_with_monocle:
Except the passport number she didn’t even enter correct data. My name is wrong and I am not danish.

They needed your passport number to serve you soda?

Also I would have given them a disposable card number heck that to infinity and beyond

@Iskender, did you make that experience, too?

I have being asked for my ticket then bought a bottle of water
And it was inderins flight

Ticket/boarding pass is normal.

In international area I’m often asked for boarding pass and passport

In some less developed countries they also take data for cards because their online systems aren’t working properly. No CVV tho. But the card number and expiration date yes. But is usually put into an app they use for sales and I haven’t had any problem yet.

There was a supermarket in Manila which was dying this always. Annoying and time wasting but haven’t got my card cloned or something