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Hello Revolut Community :wave:,

Awards season is here, and we’re delighted to share some of the accolades we’ve proudly received over the past year from across the world:

At Team Revolut, we’re incredibly grateful for the recognition we’ve received for our dedication to make money matters simpler worldwide. Our customers’ support and valuable feedback have been instrumental in enhancing our breakthrough financial services. :trophy:

We owe our success to all of you. Please keep sending in your ideas and feedback — we’re always eager to learn and grow! :partying_face:

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Why are your services not available in Uganda anymore?

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Hello @Katongole :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. Could you give us more information about the service you need help with so we can provide the necessary assistance?

SG | Community Team

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I want to send money to Uganda but it’s not listed.

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Congratulations! Glad to see you guys getting awards!


Thank you for explaining the issue @Katongole. We currently don’t support transfers to Uganda. But Revolut currently supports card payments and ATM withdrawals in UGX, wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted. You can check the list here - What currencies are supported for spending? :moneybag:

Welcome to the Community @WhyAydan. Keep exploring our platform. :r:

SG | Community Team