Waive ATM fees while experiencing transaction processing issues


My attempted payment for beer has been declined 10 minutes ago. There has been an incident like this almost every day now for the past few weeks. Revolut support have acknowledged issues with payment processing.

  1. This is a huge issue. It is incredibly embarassing to try to pay for dinner and have the card declined in a packed restaurant. And then see other patrons glance in your direction as you try several times with the waiter also starting to get agitated. I now consider my Revolut card to be a cute gimmick, toy card, not a real card. I have absolutely stopped recommending it and I am thinking about looking into alternatives. I seriously don’t dare use the card in environments where there are other people around, and I now carry a lot of cash to be able to still pay in case of problems. Which brings me to my other point.

  2. How about waiving the ATM fees while there are payment processing issues? Obviously, if we can’t reliably use the card to pay, we need more cash – and it’s not our fault. This would help restore goodwill.


Hey @Croato :slight_smile:

But… I guess ATM withdrawals wouldn’t be working either…


It’s hit and miss. I have had ATM transactions go through and fail. Same with restaurants. But it is much less embarrassing to try three different ATMs and have two fail (and the third work simply because in the time it took to walk to it the issue got resolved) than it is to keep trying three times in a restaurant, all of them likely failing as the glitch will not go away so soon, while everybody is looking at you as if you were a criminal or a bum with no money.