Verify identity selfie impossible

I’m having the same issue!!! I downloaded the app for my iPad and I can’t even validate the device so I could use the iPad camera instead. So frustrating @AndreasK

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Hello @AndreasK
I successfully registered my Revolut account from work phone
and now I’m trying to login from personal phone. On my iPhone front camera is broken, it doesn’t work, once water got there and the front-camera didn’t survive. The rear camera works perfectly.
Application is asking for selfie. (Let’s take a quick selfie to check that it’s really you).
How can I get out of this situation? @AndreasK
Please help me! Thanks in advance!

hi, I have a problèmes with selfie of révolution.i am réinstall the app.but the selfie not work.
i can’t use the app.
please help me @AndreasK

I am facing the similar issues with my identity selfie when resetting my password, despite multiple attempts.

I am getting the answer of “Your Identity check has failed”

Hi, hope all is well.

I have been trying to get my ID verified but I get a message returned saying it’s failed.

Please could you assist - the photo and selfie is clear. Eager to start using the app and so your assistance would be hugely appreciated.



Hi all,
I have the same issue. My display is broken and my front camera not working anymore. Is there another way of identification?

Exactly the same problem after changing my phone. Now I can do anything, app just crushing when getting to the selfie part. (Let’s take a quick selfie to check that it’s really you) How can I get out of this situation? Please help.

Hi, I can’t verify my account, the app is stuck on it and ice tried reinstalling, can you help?