Verification through email


I sent email with picture few days ago email to ( i cant take photos with my phones rear camera) for second time and im still waitting for the answer from revolut. How long it takes to verify?


Hey @Urban.karolis :slight_smile:

I have this feeling that this email inbox is unmonitored or not meant for receiving emails… I might be wrong though :wink:


That’s a no reply email :slight_smile: why do you think is a no reply email? Because is a a no reply email, an email you shouldn’t reply to.

In app support chat. You can attach documents. Import the docs pictures and try.

But as far as I know for security reasons the ID pictures has to be made at that time with the phone camera in the app, not uploaded.


Ppl from revolut said i should send pics to that email. And tell over chat about email but on chat said they will pass me to A special team how deals with situations like that


Yes that’s right. We’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.