Verification pending and no response on customer service

hi there,
i have waiting for the verification for one day more and it is still on pending.
i try to chat the customer service through the app, but i wont get any response.
could anyone help me to fix it ?
thank you.

Catch’em by Twitter or Facebook (DM of course)

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Hi there. I can see your account verified. Let me know if you need help.

You’ve generated a virtual card, if you don’t need it and you want a physical one please terminate the virtual card and issue a physical card.

@anon33247966 quick question: I have two physical cards which seems to be the limit (even with premium), is there a limit for virtual cards?
(sorry for hijacking this thread… just didn’t want to open one just for this)

It’s working
Thanks a lot!

You can have up to 5 active virtual cards.

@anon33247966 thanks! Forgot to ask: are you issuing Visa virtual cards now? Last one I got was a visa…
Thanks :slight_smile: