V Pay cards?

Hello there. :grin:

Are there Revolut V Pay cards available similar to the Revolut Maestro cards?

If there is, at least not for Swiss users, I currently see only Maestro, MasterCard and Visa.

Oh, Swiss users can order Maestro, MasterCard and Visa cards?

Before Metal Mastercard was available as standart card but not anymore after that.
All the premium cards are Mastercard by default, the standart cards available, at least for me, are Visa and Maestro.

Same with me, Visa is standard, Maestro as well available for standard, MasterCard if you pay for an upgrade. I still have my MasterCard with standard, which was issued at the time I joined.

For the Netherlands there is Maestro, Visa and (premium/metal) Mastercard to choose from. Would love to have a Revolut combined Visa x V Pay card.

As mentioned in other threads, the options changes today, Visa is gone and MasterCard is offered, physical and virtual. I have a standard account.