Using the Revolut card in the UK

I’m originally from the UK but live in the US, and registered for a Revolut account and card. Having a true chip & pin card for travel to the UK was my goal, but so far I’ve not had success with the card.

Has anyone with an account registered in the US has success in the UK with a card?

Contactless works great almost 100% of the time - I think a few merchants want contactless + pin but the pin doesn’t work for me.

Any time I’ve tried to pay by inserting the card, I always get asked for a signature. This tends to confuse everyone because the UK has used chip & pin for so long and most people don’t trust the signature now :grinning:

I have withdrawn money from a cash machine / ATM before trying to make a payment, so the pin should be set up correctly.

If anyone has got chip & pin to work, please share your success!

@Garadox47 Hello, Welcome to the community. :blush:

We understand your frustration regarding the chip & pin functionality on your Revolut card in the UK.
Chip & pin implementation might have slight variations in different regions, and some older UK terminals might struggle with chip & pin transactions from non-UK issued cards. :cry:

Please reach out to us via in app chat support so that they can investigate the specifics of your situation and provide further guidance. You can reach them through the app by tapping on your profile (the circle icon on the upper left corner) > Select Help > Choose Get more help and contact us.

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