Using the R-Card in France..

Hello everybody!

A little background story first:

I’ve had my Revolt Card for around a month within the UK. Only using it for a very few small basic transactions within shops and it’s been working flawlessly!

We are currently away in France for holiday, and once again, chip-and-pin and ‘contactless’ transactions have been a breeze!.. up until now.

Bacically, I need fuel for my car. We pulled up to a automatic pay-at-pump and inserted my card within the slot for the Chip-And-Pin function. Then proceed to put in the correct pin - then the card gets declined. I have sufficient funds both GBP(Home country currency) and in EUR(Country of France we are currently staying in).

I read somewhere on R-Communities about being insufficient credit due to a needed pre-payment of €120 before transaction but this is not the case in my example…

Any help appreciated!

Many thanks.

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Hi! Unfortunately, unmanned petrol pumps aren’t supported by prepaid cards, such as Revolut, as the POS needs to be connected to the Internet. You can also see it written in the screenshot that “automated fuel dispensers are not supported” :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. That sounds logical to me :grin:

The “screen-shot/screen-grab” was to just clarify that this was indeed a internet/unmanned/not compatible pump setup - and that it wasn’t just me and my card.

  • Andy.
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The confusion on this topic may come from that Revolut seems to decline payment requests from those “unsupported” POSes based on the Merchant Category Code they receive.

So even if the POS on the fuel station is online, Revolut seems to decline payments when they see the “5542 Automated Fuel Dispenser” MCC coming from the POS.

So it simply doesn’t work at all if the card readers on those stations are programmed correctly.

At least this is my take on the situation, unfortunately, we have hardly any insight on the technical background of Revolut here.
I may be totally wrong here, just empirical evidence.

Revolut now allows automated fuel pumps! They have stopped blocking online pumps, but think offline ones still won’t allow Revolut because it’s prepaid. Luckily most pumps have switched over to online now so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

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