Using Revolut in Crete

Does anyone have any experience of chafed for atm use or Revolut debit card use in Crete? Am off there shortly.

The card works just fine in restaurants and shops, exactly as advertised.

I have yet to find an ATM where you can avoid being taken to the cleaners when you use Revolut. Every one that I have used forces you either to accept their (very bad compared to Revolut) exchange rate; or to be charged in Euro but with a £3 commission. Maybe there are providers around where you can avoid this - haven’t found one yet.

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Following up previous response which does not seem to have made it through moderation yet. So far have found three brands of ATM that hit you with fees or poor exchange rate in Crete:

Bank of Piraeus
Convenience store ATMs
National Bank

Have not yet found a way of forcing a Euro transaction without incurring fees.

(Edited to add new bank to list)

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