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We’re thinking of switching to Revolut, but I have a question regarding Stripe & PayPal withdrawals. Are you able to withdraw USD from Stripe and PayPal to your Revolut account?

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Hi @Clarinois

Thank you for reaching out! I think the most important question right now is how Stripe and PayPal will try to send your funds to Revolut. If they are doing it via bank transfer, it should not be an issue as we will provide you set of currency-specific IBANs to transfer funds in.

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Business account - Onboarding, USD withdrawals

@rafael_revolut I have the same issue because I want to withdraw USD to Revolut and I’m not able to add my Revolut card to paypal because i’m not from the UK and paypal is not accepting it because of the address mismatch so is there is anyway to solve this ?

As I want to avoid using bank transfer to Revoult


Hi Rafael, thanks for reaching out! However, it seems Stripe has a different opinion. This is their answer:

"Unfortunately it will not be possible to use Stripe with Revolut accounts.

To use Stripe, our financial partners have insisted that a standard bank account with a financial institution must be provided (e.g., checking). Other types of bank accounts (e.g., savings) or those with a virtual bank account provider (e.g., e-wallet or cross-border services) are not supported.

Revolut would be classified by our partners as a virtual bank account, and as such, it will not be possible to payout these type of accounts."

Do you have any more info - f.e. from your existing clients if the withdrawal works? Because according to Stripe, no currency will work, so this is not only an issue of USD withdrawals, but GBP and EUR too.

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Also to throw in there.

Both PayPal and Stripe requires the bank account to be located in the USA to withdraw in USD. You can’t provide a bank account from any other country.


I have, however, successfully added EUR to my Stripe account, though not tested this as most of our card payments are via PayPal. We have been unable to add EUR our PayPal as they only allow withdrawals in GBP.

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Hi James, thanks a lot! In case you have more info regarding Stripe EUR withdrawals in the future (whetrer they really go through), I’d be grateful. Because we can work with the fact that PP USD withdrawal does not work, but not Stripe.

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Same issue here! I’ve been able to link my EUR one because I’m based in France but impossible to link the USD one. Stripe and Paypal are charging a bomb for conversion fees, hope Revolut will find a solution to partner up with Stripe on this…

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@rafael_revolut Any updates to this?

As pointed out, to enable Stripe transfers in USD we would need a US checking account. Does Revolut have any plans to provide that for USD accounts?