Usa top up error

My revolut is connected with a mbway, a virtual card, but a error ocorred and a i cant top up. Can i associate another one?

Yes, you can add another card to topup.
After it you will be able to choose card to topup (during topup operation)

Maybe mbway does not allow prepaid cards? What’s the error message?

Ah, I see, it’s the other way round. As far as I remember, Revolut does not recommend to use virtual cards for top ups. At one point, a card needs to be verified. For this, one has to take a photo of the physical card. I remember this being mentioned in the old FAQs, but I could find it in the new Help Center. So this might have changed :thinking:

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It doesn’t matter now. To verify card you have to only provide “code”, without the card’s picture


Thanks for the update on this.

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I hadded a new card now, but it still doesnt work. My bank says that is because the new card has another user/merchant

Let’s put it together:

  • you are going to add your debit/ credit card to Revolut- as a top up card
  • you are trying to pay for something using your Revolut card?
    What your bank has to do with it?

Im trying to top up from my BPI Visa electron virtal card ( MB WAY) to revolut to make paymemts, but im having some issues

uffff it means that I understood it properly:)
What error do you get?

The bank card issuer declined this transaction. My bank says that is all ok for them and mbway aproved the card too. The way that revolut it pricessing the transaction seems to be the problem

Did you add your card to Revolut app? Like this:

The error we see is “issuer declined.” If you get in touch with your bank and explain that you authorise transactions to Revolut, they should be able to lift the limitations off your card.