URGENT. Bank top up with wrong Refference code, no money in Revolut


I Topped- up My Revolut with Bank transfer, but I made a mistake writing the given refference code. And of course the money did not go to my Revout account.

How do i get the money back to my bank or Revolut account?
And how do i contact the HELP?

please, help, it is urgent


it happened to me. open the in-app chat, explain what happened, tell them the date and amount of transfer. They’ll cross-check it with their records, see that the transfer comes from a bank account in your name, and in 2 min, the money will be credited to your Revolut. Simple and very helpful.


thank you, i am trying this right away!

But i think this is the obnly option to do. I let you know if anything is different.


Hi @AndriusSir,

Don’t worry, contact our support team and send the bank transfer confirmation. We can locate your transfer by your IBAN.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.


Well, what’s the right way to enter the reference? I entered creditor reference as explained on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creditor_Reference and supposedly it was not OK. I asked about that in support chat but I didn’t get any helpful answer.

So is it OK for example if your reference number is 12345678 to enter RF20 1234 5678 or not? On my online bank’s SEPA transfer form I have to put the reference in RF format.


You don’t need to add RF. However, this varies from bank to bank and from country to country. Usually there is a field called “Reference” and you need to just add your reference number.