Updating personal information

Original Message:


Dans le cadre d’une mise à jour de mes données personnelles,

J’ai fait une photo recto verso de ma carte d’identité et j’ai renseigné le pays et la ville de naissance.

Pour la ville de naissance, j’ai fait une erreur, j’ai mis ’Abîme’ au lieu de ’Les Abymes’.

Je voudrais savoir comment relancer le formulaire, s’il vous plaît.

Translated Message:

Good evening,

As part of updating my personal data,

I took a photo of both sides of my identity card and entered the country and city of birth.

For the city of birth, I made a mistake, I put ‘Abîme’ instead of ‘Les Abymes’.

I would like to know how to restart the form, please.

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Hello @neome :wave:,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for letting us know about the incident. I would request you to kindly contact us by in-app chat so that they can help you further with it. Go to your Profile (top-left icon with your initials or picture) → select 'Help ’ → select a topic → choose an article → if that doesn’t help with your query, select 'Chat with us '. Hope this helps. :sunflower:

SG | Community Team