Unable to Transfer Out

when attempting to transferi get the error message “request for your bank transfer has failed ,you cant set up the same password as your old one” but im using the same passcode that i used to log into the app.

i tried to change the password, but then i got an error message saying this was forbidden. please help, this is urgent i need to make the transfer today!

@grund Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

Here are some reasons why your transfer might have failed :

Unsupported Beneficiary - We’re unable to make transfers to certain sources. This includes making cryptocurrency exchanges, and transfers to certain countries, banks, and merchants.

Incorrect Recipient Details - If the recipient account details do not match, the beneficiary bank may reject the transfer.

Recipient Account Closed - The account you are transferring to may be closed. Please ensure that your recipient account details are updated.

Compliance Reasons - Money transfers are regulated, and Revolut must complete necessary checks in accordance to law to validate the security of the transfer process.

Locked or Unverified Account- If your account has restrictions or is not fully verified, transfers may be declined. Please complete any necessary processes and wait for verification.

Exceeding Transfer Limits - Certain limits may apply depending on the type of transfer.

Insufficient Funds - Standing orders (recurring transfers) commonly face this issue. If you do not have enough funds, you should receive a notification 24 hours in advance, allowing you time to add money to the account and complete the transfer.

I would advise you to contact us through our in app chat so that we can check the reason behind this transfer and resolve this asap. :pray:

Veda | Community team