Unable to add Revolut card to Google Wallet

There is an issue with adding Revolut card to Google Wallet. In the app, the button “Add to GPay” is missing even thought this card is not available in the Google Wallet.

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is that an issue with :r: or with Google Wallet?
In other words to be clear, which way round are you driving this?

This the problem with Revolut. You can see “Add to GPay” button only in the Revolut app.

Is this a virtual or physical card? Was this card previously linked? I had the same issue. I had to manually add the card to the Google Wallet.

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It is a physical card. Not able to add the card manually.

If you get this message, your bank doesn’t support contactless payments for your card . For more info, contact your bank. Tip: You can tell your bank, “I can’t add my card to my digital wallet for tap to pay transactions.” You can also get this message if something goes wrong during setup for your card.

Hi @nomadus :wave:

To add your card to Google Pay:

  • Go to the ‘Cards’ tab and find the card you wish to add
  • Click the ‘Add to G Pay’ button

You can also enter your Revolut card information in the Google Pay app. In this case, Google may attempt a small test transaction to verify your card details.

You can always check if you are in a country where this is already live. Google Pay is available to users from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the US and the UK.

Your Android device also needs to support NFC (near-field communication) and HCE (host card emulation) to be compatible with Google Pay. To find out whether your device will work with Google Pay, just open ‘Settings’ on your device and select ‘Wireless & networks.’ Tap ‘More’ and if you see NFC appear, your device will be able to make Google Pay payments in stores.

Hope all this information helps you all :heart:


Thanks for your reply. The problem I face is that the button “Add to G Pay” is missing under this particular card. I tried to add this card manually to Google Wallet. It didn’t work.

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Do you have other Revolut cards already connected?

I managed to add another card. It is strange that I am not able to add this particular card.

It is strange. But is it a problem?

Definitely a problem. As I mentioned earlier, it appears that Revolut app is getting reset since the card was removed from the Google Wallet. Now, “Add to GPay” should be available under the card.

What I meant is that since you were able to add other Revolut cards to Gpay, you’re able to use the feature. I understand that this is inconvenient (but maybe not problematic). Fingers crossed Revolut solves the bug for you soon.

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Unfortunately, there is no “Add to G Pay” button. I also tried to add it manually but I got an error message saying the the card cannot be used for contactless payment.

I live in Malta and Google Wallet is available in my country.

Have you tried adding directly from Google Wallet a new card?

This would/should only happen if the card is already in your wallet, or if it’s frozen.

Head to payments.google.com to check it’s not there. And remove any dead cards.

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Same issue here. From Malta, trying to add my physical card to Google Wallet it says the card cannot be used for contactless payment. I have checked / tried all suggestions in this thread, no luck.


The card is already saved in my GPay account (I use it for online shopping) but it gives me the error I mentioned every time I try to add it to the Wallet

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Yes I did (I also mentioned it in my post). There is an issue with the Revolut app as it keeps crashing whenever I try to at the card manually.

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Remove it fully from both, and add again. It may then work properly.