UK-based receiving Euros wanting to avoid fees

I have Revolut GBP & Euro accounts which I believe is based in UK.
I also have Wise GBP & Euro accounts which I believe is based in Belgium i.e. within EU.
I will be paid in Euros for some work I’m doing later in the year for a Dutch-based company.
Am I right in thinking if they pay into my Revolut Euro account I will lose some money in fees because the money will be received outside the EU I would avoid that if they paid into my Wise Euro account?)?

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Revolut (same as most UK Banks really) does not charge for receiving money and the UK is a Sepa country. You shouldn’t incur any costs for receiving Euros.

If you were to exchange the Euros into GPB, there may be a small fee depending on how much it is and on which Revolut plan you are.


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