Two accounts (UK / aus) 1 phone??

I have Revolut in the UK linked to my bank account debit card. I also spend time and work in Australia and have a bank account there. I see Revolut is arriving in Australia. Is it possible to log in and out of the app on my iPhone to use both a UK-based and Australia-based Revolut account? Thx

According to T&C:

You can have only one Revolut account.
Your Revolut account will be based on your permanent residency country

But you don’t need another account. Just open an auustralian dollar account and keep AUS there if you need. And use the main card/ account, etc.


By the way: when arriving to Australia, they will provide local Australian account, that should be very good for you :wink:

Thx everyone. I was looking also to find the account from $A bank account but sounds like not possible?

Not at the moment, but it should be available in Q1 2018 hopefully with the official Australian launch.