Turn off payment by cryptocurrency?


Just got home from shopping to find that I’d run out of fiat and my card was merrily using my Bitcoin (without ever asking me if that’s what I wanted to do).

That’ll probably turn out to be the most expensive shopping I’ve ever done.

How do I turn this crazy setting off?


You might be abled to deactivate the crypto account but I do not know what’s happening then.

As far as I learned it your :r: account is one. So when I spent 100 USD and my balance on the USD acc is only 90 USD :r: will use my base acc in EUR. So it is logical that the next best acc is used. Do you have other acc than crypto and your basic currency?

edit: no second currency would cause a refused payment, right?


Ah man, that’s crazy. I could understand if we were holding stable cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin etc. are deflationary. If I spent £1000 of Bitcoin on shopping today (hypothetically speaking) that could be worth £10000 in a year, meaning I just lost £9000. It’s nuts.

I also have Euro, but that was empty.


Indeed, this is economically speaking a possible disaster. On the other side most crypto fans want to see those as an established payment method. (Those aren’t currencies ^_^)

In addition: this is the disadvantage of a prepaid card. For that reason I always carry my Visa as well.

Also: I’d recommend to post that in “Ideas”. The option to protect accounts. Maybe someone already did.


Just deactivate the BTC account. You will keep the funds, but you won’t be billed for your shopping from this account


Ah great, so there is a way. Thanks guys