Traveling to Barbados April 2018

We’re traveling to Barbados on the 24th April 2018, using for the first time my Revolut card, however I cant seem to find Barbadian Dollars on the exchange menu ? Any idea how I would exchange pounds to Barbadian Dollars using Revolut.

Hey @Doogie1969 :slight_smile:

I didn’t check if the currency used in Barbados is supported for spending, but you can check it here:

As long as it is, you don’t need to convert money beforehand, it’ll get converted automagically :wink:

How did you manage in April? It looks as if pre loading the Revolut card with Barbados dollars is not possible

Hi Andrew,

All good just loaded up with Stirling and withdrew cash from the ATM, also USA dollars where accepted in Barbados.

Mail]( for Windows 10


Thanks for the response. We are on our way now to try things out!

Andy Totten

Hey guys, I’m going to Barbados next month, does the Revolut card work there? Or what’s the best way to use it?