Travel Insurance Overbooking-My Story

I’ll start here a topic.
I do have a Metal Plan from Revolut that give me the Travel Insurance.
Yesterday my carrier when arrived at the gate denied me the embark due to overbooking. Next fly they offered me was the night afterward, 25 hours. Barcellona to Roma.
I’m now starting a claim with the insurance for the expenses I ran into due to the fact that i had to spend a whole night and day more away.
First try on the phone I couldn’t talk to an Italian speaker and the English one told me overbooking is not in the policy… as if it is not a delay being moved on another flight the night after in a foreign country.
I’ll try anyway to contact them by mail and call them again on the phone. I’ll keep you posted.
First Edit
Airline provided my a hotel till 12:00 and only transport till there + 13E to be spent in the airport… definitely not enough for a grown man in 25 hours =)
I called a second time and this time they found my insurance plan ( first call was a failure ) and asked me to send the request by mail.


The airline is in Europe legally required to get accommodation for you if you’re delayed overnight. That really shouldn’t be an insurance claim.


@MadMatt Thank you for sharing this, it’s a good reminder.

Overbooking is tricky. It’s not a delay, technically. The airline denies service. This case is covered by consumer rights, but not in the same way as delays.

Revolut’s travel insurance is no replacement for your passenger rights under EU law. Depending on the circumstances, the airline in principle needs to find a way to transport you, pay compensation for the delay and ‘take care’ of you, like drinks, food, accommodation.

But your right for compensation is limited when you made concessions, like when you willingly gave up your seat on the overbooked flight.


Out of curiosity, I’ve checked the wording in the policy. It’s in the document “Full Coverage Wording”, section C.

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Where does it says overbooking is not covered? (I’m reading the Italian version )

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It lists in section C the events that are covered. It does list denial of service, but only in relation to contagious diseases. When the airline staff denies to transport you because they assume you’re sick, for example. I think it’s worth a try to file a claim with Allianz. But I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

EU passenger rights are probably a better chance to claim compensation/reimbursment from the airline. If you’ve got receipts for what you’ve actually spent for food, for example.

(They also note in the policy in section C that they’re not reimbursing costs for expenses the travel provider is required to take care of.)

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I’m trying to file the claim but on the phone, they told me overbooking is not covered… it does seems a bit sketchy to me but we’ll see

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Follow UP after various email exchange I got 300E back from Allianz. Maybe this will come handy to somebody else :slight_smile:

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Thank you for letting us know that your issue got resolved @MadMatt. :slightly_smiling_face: Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other concerns. Till then keep exploring our community. :hugs:

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