Travel Insurance For Metal Plan

@SG.Mandal Thank you very much! I have a question regarding the travel insurance for metal plan holders. There isn’t any topic already in the community about it, so it would be great if you could create a new topic for me:) This is the question: Travel insurance - The insurance covers delays, e.g. delayed flight departures of at least 4 hours. There isn’t anything specific in the insurance wording about missed connections, be them train or flight connections. Does the 4 hours rule apply there as well, so that the time between connection is less that 4 hours the insurance does not cover the missed connection? Thank you

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Your journey you planned accommodates time for connecting flights.

If you mean the initial flight is on time, but the delay is on the connection, if you arrive more than 4 hours scheduled to your destination due to issues through the entire journey, it should be covered.

I have always been on the underfunding it’s end to end, not what happens in between, so if you arrive 4 hours late due to no fault of your own, then you can claim.

Someone may clarify a bit more detail though.

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What I mean is: image I have planned a flight from A to B, a 3 hours wait in airport B and then a flight from B to C. If the flight from A to B is delayed by 3 hours and because of that I loose the flight from B to C, I will need to buy new tickets from B to C. Does the travel insurance cover this case? Thank you.

This didn’t happened to me, but it happened to a friend of mine which didn’t have any travel insurance, so it made me wonder if I am covered in this case.

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This would result in being 4+ hours delayed therefore possibly eligible.

If you booked them as single flights, not all in one journey, ie a to b, then b to c in different transactions, instead of A to C, they aren’t likely to be eligible for the first delay because it was less than 4 hours on the journey you paid for.

B to C flight wasn’t impacted by A to B on the journey you booked, thus processed separately in terms of claim; you’d just be late for B to C.

Always have insurance, and it’s worth messaging revolut directly and ask them if missing a connecting flight is included due to delays on the first flight (if booked as one whole journey).

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