Transferring funds to Revolut using "Local" details

Hi, this question has been probably answered already, but I am a bit hesitant since my bank requires beneficiary details to make a top up outside Finland. Obviously, both accounts are in EUR, and Sepa is supported.

Do I need to use SWIFT or Local details? If I use LOCAL details which beneficiary details do I need to provide.


SEPA : You are the beneficiary

SWIFT : Revolut is the beneficiary

It’s better to use SEPA than SWIFT since this is less expensive, no need to use a reference number, quicker…

You’re right… in case of EUR :wink:
In any other currency you have to use SWIFT.
(BTW. SEPA from Polish ING to Revolut needs up to 2 working days to be assigned to Revo account)

Thank you guys. All clear