transferring funds from Revolut a bank account in another currency

I just want to check if I can transfer funds from my Czech account in czk to a german bank account in euros via Revolut without paying any exchnage fees? I guess I will have to pay for the transfers from my czech account to Revolut and then from Revolut to the german account in Euro. Is this possible?

It is possible, and the transfer from Revolut to the euro account will be for free, however the first transfer CZK to Revolut will be a SWIFT transfer and will most likely come at a fee.

Thanks @Alessandro. Do you know how swift charge? Is it a percentage? I need to transfer around 7000 EUR and my bank wants to charge me around 150 EUR exchange fee - (via terrible exchange rates). I was hoping Revolut could help me avoid that.

Its always hard to predict how much the charge is, because it depends on how many intermediary banks are involved and how much they take, if any. So it could be between 0 and anything up to a double digit number.

Topping up 7000 euro via credit card might not be possible in one go, but if you can split it you could also try that route, as topping up CZK via card should be free.

Alternatively you could also use Transferwise, as they seem to offer an account in the Czech Republic

If you still are able to transfer around 7000€ in one go , it could be possible that they want a prove for the Source of Funds. If you don’t want that your money get’s “on hold” provide this source of funds a few days before your transfer via live chat and you’re good to go :slight_smile: