Transferring dollars from a Fidelity stock plan account to Revolut


Has anyone had any luck with this? Did you find somewhere to input the Revolut reference in the Fidelity user interface?


I’m also interested in this. Can’t find a way to input the reference number, and also don’t have the data for the intermediate bank (SWIFT+ABA numbers). Help?


Hi -

Did you try this yet?

How do you ask Revolut for their ‘intermediary bank’ details?




same issue here with Fidelity.
There is the followin problem:

  • Intermediary bank details (do we have to use a company like transferwise?)
  • temporary account ID (instead of your name)
  • IBAN ID with letter instead of numbers
  • ZIP code for london

someone managed them?


Any news ? Same issue for me


I have successfully done this using Transferwise as an intermediary. Set up the borderless account details in Fidelity with US bank details.

Then use IBAN/SWIFT in Transferwise to send dollars to Revolut. Because it is 1-1 currency Transferwise only charge a fixed fee of USD 3.30 to cover the swift payment.