Transfer to interactive broker

Has anyone successfully transferred USD to their interactive broker account via Revolut? Given the fact that the account number IB provides contains alphanumeric characters I wasn’t sure this would work. Any advice would be appreciated.


You mean account where beneficiary is :r: and you got specific reference number- (Pooled USD account) ??

Thanks for the reply. The situation I am asking about is that I have $X in my revolut account and want to transfer it to my personal Interactive Brokers investment account. If you initiate a Wire or AHA deposit via the client portal, they give you an ABA number and an account number (which is virtual and unique to the user) that also contains your Interactive brokers account number, which means it contains an alpha numeric value. Since the revolute app only allows you to enter in numbers for the account with the standard iOS number pad, there is no way to enter this number. Not sure the best way to handle this or if it is just not possible.


I would try to contact support for that :slight_smile:
Make sure you type: live agent to get past chatbot :+1: