Transfer Submitted but not Executed


Has anyone of You came across situation when your transfer has been submitted but you have never got status executed??


Bank transfer I presume. To where? When did you submit it?


I did it yesterday evening and as usual to my bank account. Normally it takes an hour or so to get confirmation and this time I am waiting over 16 hours.


Which currency?




What do you mean by twentytwenty??


That should be a SWIFT transfer then. That usually takes a few days to arrive, doesnt it? As for the status itself, maybe there is delay. Have you contacted support?


I have asked via Twitter and I really understand it takes some time it is just this strange feeling that did not get this confirmation as I usually do.


And on Twitter they didnt say anything? I’d try the chat first.


Hi there. It will take 3-5 working days to reach the recipient’s account.


I assume the OP’s question is in regard to the transaction’s status on Revolut rather than the arrival of the funds. Might be totally wrong of course :smiley:


Alessandro this is exactly what I meant!!


You should receive a notification once the transfer has been completed. As I can see, it’s still “ready to send”.


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From my experience- sending PLN from Revolut to Polish bank lasts about 1 work day (usually you can see money after 15.00 next day)