Transfer rejected

Hi guys,

I tried the new SWIFT and unique IBAN details to top up my account. Did a test from 2 different banks. Worked from one but bounced on the other one.

While I’m asking my bank, checking here if anyone might know what this means:

“Reason for failure: SJ-Transaction Rejected by User”

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

you might need to ask your bank to specify BARCGB22 as intermediary

Thanks Alejandro.
Will try that.

I’m being told by my bank that this BARCGB22 can only clear GBP. Is that right? Is there a different intermediary bank for each currency?

I seem to have the issue with some currencies, but not all…

I do use BARCGB22 to receive USD on my business REVOGB2L, and according to the latest information on it should work for all REVOGB21 accounts.

you might need to contact support if it’s actually bouncing. @AndreasK?