Transfer Problems

Any news on when problems will be solved with transfers in and out. Outgoing ones aren’t even being submitted and been waiting over 24 hours for 3 transfers into my account?

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There are no known problems with transfers.

What have you actually attempted to do and in what currency?

Transfer money in same way i always do from 3 different banks. Nothing. Tried to send money out like i always do and didn’t even submit. Just stayed pending for 24 hours.

Its the weekend.


Been instant every other weekend and my monese account is transferring just fine with same processor. Js.

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Mine is pending too for the last 11 hours, normally it’s completed within 1 hour.
–Update, just chatted with InApp support, bank holiday is causing delay. Will be processed in the next business day.

So it means Tuesday only? Wow…

Yeh but sounds like nonsense. I think there’s a prob with transfers and Revolut hasn’t noticed yet. I’ve always had weekend transfers fine so somethings not right.

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I literally transferred the money I need for tomorrow and if it’s going to take until Tuesday I’ll be disappointed.

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2 of mine just went in mate so looks like they’re coming through now.

Mine transfers been submited and executed just after mindnight …
Got it on other end aswell :slight_smile:

Great, mine is still pending :frowning:

Update: just processed a few seconds ago

transfers get delayed because of the bank holiday weekend just to be executed on the bank holiday… kind of amusing