Transfer of USD to an Australian based account

My Revolut membership is based in Australia and for 2-3 years I only had an Australian dollar account. Recently I added two accounts, based on British Pounds and US Dollars. I have been able to transfer GBP directly from a UK bank using the Account number (common to all three acounts) and the quoted SWIFT/BIC code of REVOAU32. For the GBP transfer there is no currency conversion - the funds leave the UK Bank as GBP and appear in my Revolut account still as GBP.

However, on attempting to add USD to my third account I have a problem. In this case I am using an independent currency conversion operator (which I’ve used for many years) to convert GBP to USD and remit the funds to my Revolut account. Again, there is no currency conversion needed from Revolut, as I am depositing USD that should go directly to my USD account.

When this transfer is attempted it fails with the response “INVALID BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT NUMBER WITH SORTCODE”

The matter is becoming quite urgent and I’m not receiving a great deal of help from Revolut, so I’d appreciate if someone is able to suggest what is going wrong and how I might fix it.

One thing I did notice is that for the USD and GBP accounts, the receiving bank is listed as the local (Sydney) branch of Revolut, while for the AUD account the app cites both a local bank specification, which is ANZ (a large high street bank in Australia) and also an international bank specification which uses SWIFT/BIC and this time uses the local Revolut address. For both banks the same account number is used, which strikes me as being a little odd, but I know this has worked for both local AUD remittances and International GBP deposits. Its the USD remittances to Revolut that fail.


@Jessupn Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

We understand failed transfers can be frustrating, and there’s a few reasons why this may have happened. To see the reason for the transfer failure, select your transfer from your transactions list.

Some of the most common failure reasons include:

  • The transfer was sent to an unsupported country or currency
  • You may have used incorrect recipient’s details
  • You may have exceeded transfer limits
  • You can’t transfer money to your own account – use currency Exchange instead
  • You may not have your identity verification completed, and all ID documents are valid to-date
  • Account owner hasn’t answered our compliance request or chat in time, so we had to reject the transfer
  • You may have insufficient profile permissions to make a transfer from the selected currency account
  • The beneficiary bank has rejected the funds. In which case, ask the recipient to contact their bank directly for more information
  • We’ve had to limit your account due to ongoing review

If you’re receiving notifications about a failed transfer, go to Payments section → Transfers tab → scroll down to see Failed transfers and select the transfer → then click Retry to submit the transfer again or select Delete to remove the transfer from Failed list.

Veda | Community team


Unfortunately, this does not address my issue at all. The problem I have is transfers INTO my Revolut account are failing, not payments to other people.

One factor that may be relevant is that the Revolut address associated with my USD (and GBP) accounts is in Sydney, and so that is the address I specificied for the transfer into my account.

Transfers to GBP account proceed normally. As these are direct GBP to GBP transfers I initiate these as an international transfer from a UK bank (Barclays). The Barclays on-line form doesn’t request the recipient account address. Instead, when the SWIFT code is entered it inserts the associated address itself. In this case the address used is a Revolut address in Melbourne, which seems to work.

My question is: Is the USD transfer repeatedly failing because it should use the Melbourne adress? If this is the case, why does the revolut app specify a Sydney address (the same address is indicated for both the GBP and USD accounts, but only used for the USD account).


As a follow-up to my last post, I see that transfers into my AUD account also use the Melbourne address. Because these transfers are within Australia they use a BSB number rather than a Swift code and these transfers (into my Revolut account have worked well since it was opened. In this case, the BSB number translates to the ANZ banking group, again with a Melbourne Revolut address for the branch.

If the problem is arising because the USD transfers use the Sydney Revolut address, why does Revolut specify this on the app, and can it be corrected?


@Jessupn Hello :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issue you are facing. :frowning_face: Here are the Revolut’s name and address

:uk: Local GBP

Name: Revolut Ltd
Address: 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, England, E14 4HD

:earth_africa: SWIFT transfer

Name: Revolut Ltd
Address: 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, England, E14 4HD

Using the wrong address can sometimes lead to delays or even failed transfers. Make sure to select the address that best matches your situation. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

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