Transfer money to our clients in Russia

Hello. If I have a UK company and Revolut Business, can I send money to our customers in Russia? In RUB or other currencies?

Hi @thekochergin
You can send money to Russian clients-tough not in Ruble currency ( unless business accounts work different )
Normally people use either EUR or USD.
Depends what currency account your clients have/hold.

Just bare in mind that it will be SWIFT transfer and fees will be involved. :slight_smile:

At least when creating a counterparty/beneficiary in Russia RUB is on the list of currencies

On my account Russian ruble unavailable to select as a currency …
There is option to select Russian Federation but not Ruble :slight_smile:

Business account? Where are you based? On mine I can pretty much select any currency, including RUB, for the account of the beneficiary in Russia.

No,not business :frowning:
Thanks for info :+1: :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers. The FAQ section indicates that tranfers to Russia are not acaiable at the moment, althoug in support I have two different answers: transfers to Russia is OK and not. I want to transfer money to our customers in Russia via Revolut Business.

I think having client funds is against the terms of service but well… you’ll have to try and see :slight_smile: I can only confirm that having a business account based on the UK I can create a beneficiary in Russia with RUB account.

I know the terms, but we have not client funds. We just pay rewards. Thank you so much for yout help!