Transaction delay

Hello! I am a student in UK and my father from Greece sent me money from his greek bank (Piraeus Bank) to my revolut account. He did that one time and i received the money normally after 4 working days. Then he sent me again but after 8 days i didn’t receive anything! And he didn’t receive his money back. What is going on?? Should i worry?

Have you checked that he sent it to your euro account? In that case it should be a regular SEPA transfer.

Yes it was in my euro account as he saved the contact from the previous transaction which took place normally.

Did you try to contact with our support team? Make sure you have the bank transfer confirmation ready.

I spoke with them and i couldn’t provide the a photo which inlude the full name and the IBAN as the winbanking in Greece doesn’t provide this. So my father has to go at the bank and ask for fully details paper about this transaction. The photo that i sent though had the IBAN… The strange thing in that case is that he already did one transaction with the details that he had added. And the first time he send a small amount to see if that works. The second time the money just disappeared

Unfortunately, we need the official bank transfer confirmation with all the transfers details on it.

Tomorrow he will ask for this paper from the bank. Hopefully averything will be fine. Is there any possibility to lose the money? And if yes who will take it?

Hi there. Did you manage to get the bank transfer confirmation?

Hello @anon33247966, I topped up my account from the UK into my UK account and not funds came in. Its been more than 4 days now and still nothing in.Can you please verify it for me? Thanks

Same problem here. Missing around 5 payments. 1 was my OWN transfer to my Revolut. The other 4 from GoFundME