Total mixup with card delivery


Hi all,

Last week on 1.3.2018. I’ve logged to my regular Revolut account on my iOS app. I fancied a premium card since I needed it by mid of this week.

Ordering went well, and Revolut deducted funds needed for premium subscription. I was looking forward to the next day to see the tracking number. Tracking number did not appear on Friday 2.3.2018. Since I’m working in tech, I am well aware of bugs and stuff like that. I have contacted help support which told me to stay frosty and that my card will be here any day now.

On Monday, 5.3.2018. state of the card was not changed. OK, let’s see what will tomorrow bring.

On Tuesday 6.3.2018. nothing. I was getting really impatient and ordered standard card (which arrived today 8.3.2018.)

Yesterday, 7.3.2018. I took little time to explain the situation to the agent via app chat. I have spent more than 3 hours chatting with the agent without any resolution. I tried my best to describe what happened in the last couple of days.

Certainly, I’m not willing to continue paying for the premium service since my premium card did not deliver on time. When I say not delivered, I mean not sent since I haven’t gotten any DHL info.

What is my best move here? I would like to cancel Premium subscription since premium card was not sent, I have not used ANY premium service except for the in app chat.

I’m not a happy camper here.

Thank you all,


Hey Tom. With my premiums cards i have gotten an Email from DHL with tracking, the tracking information have not been visible in the app.


Thats fine, i did not received any info from DHL and card for a whole week.


AFAIK you can usually cancel a premium subscription within the first 14 days - unless you ordered a card. As it was not delivered in your case in the first place though I’d assume you should be still able to cancel it. Not an official statement of course just my humble opinion :).



That would be awesome. Lets hear it from @AndreasK and please let me know if you need my account details.

Thanks @alessandro


And now, support is claiming that i have received premium card not regular one. And I have sent the picture with the cover page of NYTimes.


I have a similar situation. I ordered my first premium card, the tracking information was not visible in the app but I received an email from DHL with tracking number.
I ordered the second card 2 days ago and it had to be sent yesterday but there is no tracking information in the app and no email from DHL. The support asked me to wait till tomorrow.


after all they solved this buy canceling my premium plan and refunding money.

Thank you all!