Topup for non EU countries


We want to be like the others as well, i have money on the revolut account before you forbid that feature.


This should answer your question. :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree. I am not EU citizen, but want to use my revolut card. Unfortunately it is already several month since I can’t top up! When it will be fixed?


+1 for non-eu top ups, the service is otherwise useless to me and i wish i knew what the story was here… topping up from US was quite difficult but it at least worked, transferring money in via a third party was impossible since the funds recieved weren’t from an account in my name directly, then after some time there was a fee for the top up. I keep hearing its coming with no specific time or explanation as to why it’s not allowed.


+1 to sorting this out asap!

Revolut’s own info-graphic email they recently sent out showed how many other countries Revolut users are transferring to. Even our humble ZAR made it to the list. If users are transferring to those countries, but users from those countries are shackled in their personal usage of the service… what’s the point??

When is the “soon” that they say they’ll fix this up?


FYI to anyone else interested in this issue, from another thread:


We cannot provide a specific timeframe at the moment, but rest assured we’re working on it.

We’ll notify/announce once we have more information.