Toptop thresholds

Hi there. I use Revolut for inheritance money that is due to be paid to me from Poland and I am in the Eurozone so it is useful for obvious reasons.
My query is - there will probably be about 35,000 euro paid to me over the course of the year from different bank accounts as the probate court ruling has just been sent to the various banks re my late father’s accounts.
Can I exceed the 30,000 per year limit this year if I provide documentation or is 30,000 the absolute limit?
What would happen if say the last transfer was for 6000 euro but it would bring me over the 30,000 limit - would it be returned to the sender?
And what documentation - presumably the death certificate and ruling from the Polish probate court, any thing else I need?

Najpierw sprawdź wysokość przyznanego limitu. Jeśli jesteś blisko jego wykorzystania wybierz: Więcej> Profil> Weryfikacja i limity> Zweryfikuj źródła przychodów. Tak Cię pokierują. Poczytaj to:ę-zwiększyć-moje-roczne-limity-doładowań

Ok I had to Google translate that but that’s interesting, thanks for the reply.

Once you’ve passed your ID check, your top-up limits will be increased to a much higher annual threshold. You can check this limit in the Profile section under ‘Verification & Limits’. You can increase your annual threshold even further by submitting some additional information. It’s pretty simple: just follow the steps in the ‘Verification & Limits’ page in our app.

I am really sorry for this.:expressionless: You have mentioned about Poland and I’ve thought that you are from Poland and wanted to help you better.
So… In Poland we have a proverb “good intentions is hell paved”… :joy: