Top up in Switzerland

From what I have seen so far the only solution for a free top up would be if Revolut opens up a CHF account within Switzerland so money does not need to be transferred to the UK.

Until this happens I am not sure Revolut will be successful in entering the Swiss market. There are too many competitors that exchange money cheaper.

Having money transferred at the real exchange rate sounds great at first and I love the idea of Revolut. But with a 1% top up fee all the benefits are gone again.

Transferwise also understood that this is the only way. So I hope that Revolut will follow soon and open up a bank account in Switzerland. Then I will definetly top up immediatly and switch to Revolut.

Until then good luck further on. The project sounds great.


Thank you for the hint! I am seeing the GBR there indeed. I received now my monthly bill for the credit cards, and interestingly, there is no fee so far. However, for Transferwise, which I used even a few days later than Revolut, I had to pay a fee for topping up my account in CHF. I’ll see if something appears within the next days or not (which I am expecting though, as this seems to be the case for all of you).

Update: today I’ve received my monthly bill as well and - to my surprise - there’s no 1.75% fee either. I think I’ll go ahead and try with a slightly larger amount.

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I’ve now charged 3000CHF to my Revolut account. On the same day, I did a small purchase in the Windows store with the same UBS preapaid card. This is my bank statement:
2017-09-25 15_41_29-E-Banking

One can see that the 1.75% surcharge appeared for the Windows store purchase but the Revolut top-up was completely free.

Either it’s a UBS bug or somehow Revolut has its payment processed in Switzerland (despite the GBR country code).

In either case, currently the scenario of topping up with a Swiss debit card, converting with Revolut then transferring to an EUR account is better than using Transferwise.


I’d give it more time for the charge to appear. If it’s a bug they’ll probably catch up anyway. The UBS T&Cs state that the charge applies so they can claim it…

In any case, if you transfered 3k you could have used SWIFT transfer - at 5CHF it would have been cheaper than the 1% Revolut fee for card upload.

There wasn’t any 1% fee. It’s a UBS Prepaid (debit) card, Topping up is free from Revolut’s end.

I got brave because last month I tested a top-up with 10CHF, and on the end of the month statement (which I consider a legal document) there wasn’t any fee.

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Same here. Topped up now multiple times with the prepaid (and other) cards, the first time is a month ago by now and I wasn’t charged any fee. And that still holds true after having received the monthly bill. Therefore, I am inclined to believe too that this is the best way to top up at the moment, at least until UBS changes something :wink:

However, it might be the case that by now the payment processor is situated in Switzerland, as I remember someone else saying that his/her top-up with the Migros Card was without any fee for spending CHF abroad too, despite the fact that it “normally” should.

Sounds great!

But My issue is that Revolute tells me that I can only top up CHF 250.- per 24h from my UBS prepaid Mastercard. Any suggestions here?

Hi Jackyk,

Just verify your card and top up a few more times with it - afterwards, you will be able to top up (more or less, at least) unlimited amounts.


This is an old thread but I just discovered something truly shocking:

I have been topping up several times in CHF during 2017 and thought there were no charges. Until I received my year-end statement from Credit Suisse where they retrospectively charged me 28 CHF (!!) for each top up I had done during the year! So if you are with Credit Suisse, beware!


Think this has been handled in the Thread (link provided by RoiSoleil)…
Yeah, SWIFT-transfers suffer from high fees.

It’s best to top-up via CreditCard - but check the other topic for which CC has the lowest fee (normally 1%, but it depends on what the issuer wants)…

Also pls. add your support to topics/ideas which would solve this issue (eg. supporting top-ups via paypal, an account in switzerland (with ref-number as with the USD-accounts aso) aso) - Revolut realy needs to improve in this area…

Just noticed that the Credit Card fees have been waived on Revolut side. So you can now use your regular Credit Card (yes I said Credit, not only Debit!) to topup Revolut without fees. Now this is a real breakthrough for Swiss customers. Must be related to PSD2 ?!


Definitely related to PSD2, they mentioned this earlier and the fees have been waived on CC since ~13/02 as far as we can tell.

Revolut has introduced a fee to top up by CHF credit cards:


Very sad. Revolut advertises its transparency, yet its FAQ says:
“Topping up in GBP, EUR, PLN, DKK, SEK, NOK, RON and CHF with a debit card or credit card is completely free.”
And then there is a misterious fee and an explanation link (Learn more) leading to the fair usage policy without any mention of this fee.

@anon33247966 Could you update the faq so it’s not in contradiction with reality?

Hi there.

Topping up with an EEA issued debit card or credit card is completely free.

Please note that if you top up with a card that has not been issued within the EEA (e.g. a US based card) or you top up with a commercial card then we may charge a small fee just to cover our costs.

In these cases, it might be cheaper for you to top up via bank transfer.

It’s still significantly cheaper to use your Revolut card abroad than a typical UK credit card.

Well, just for the third time: are there any plans to enable a bank transfer (that makes sense)? If yes (because that is what the App says) what is the timeline?


@anon33247966 Is there a reason why you/revolut does not open a swiss account in order to make it easier for us to top-up our revolut account?

According to your comment, it obviously would also be beneficial for revolut (reducing costs).
As already mentioned by several others, a CH IBAN would be the most important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for customers in Switzerland!

If not, why does revolut not consider this option? I don’t see any reason and it bothers me, that revolut does not comment on this issue. If revolut thinks, that the market for Swiss clients is not big enough to justify the efforts for a CH IBAN, it would be fair to say so.

Thank you very much in advance for you honest answer!


Hi @Couby11 from the information available on Twitter, they should be able to provide personal CH IBAN around February.
Really hope that it comes really soon. Obviously, laws, regulations and banks try to make this really difficult as they usually provide similar services with much more fees.

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Hi there. I’ve posted this before somewhere here :slight_smile: We’re working on it as we speak. It should be live soon.

You are right, however, I could say March @saphirblanc :slight_smile: